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Assured Logistics Group Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Assured Logistics Group defining the rules and acceptable behavior of your website and services.

Please read these terms of use carefully. By accessing our site or using our services, you acknowledge that you understand, agree, and are bound by these terms.

Modification of Terms
At our discretion, Assured Logistics Group may edit, add, or remove parts of this agreement. If we do make changes to these Terms of Use, we will make a reasonable effort to provide notice.

Prohibited Conduct
You are solely responsible for your conduct while on our site, and agree to abide by all laws, contracts, intellectual property and third-party rights.

Assured Logistics Group reserves the right to terminate access to our site and block future use of our services if we deem these Terms of Use have been violated



Estimates are based on the information you provided and on the assumption that your house or business is packed and ready to move upon arrival. Estimates are given to inform you of costs and allow us to schedule movers and trucks appropriately. This reflects time spent on your move, plus boxes, packaging supplies, travel time, fuel, etc. as noted on your estimate. Standard moving supplies needed to properly wrap, protect, secure and pad your furniture, belongings, and home are included in your estimate and cover things like; moving blankets, cardboard, shrink wrap, tape, bands, mattress covers, door-jam protection, floor protection and railing covers, unless otherwise stated above for purchase.

In addition, you were given a cash price, discounted moving rate. We do not charge additional travel time to get to your load up address or to get back to your home-base when you move is complete. We also do not charge extra for stair fees, long walkways, shared elevators, as permitted to do so.

All jobs require a deposit upon reserving your day unless otherwise stated. The deposit will be applied directly to your moving bill at the end of your move. Deposits are nonrefundable. Should your moving date need to be changed, you will not lose your deposit. We will do the best we can to accommodate your move on the new requested date, and apply the deposit previously given.


By providing your deposit, you are indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions of the Estimate / Proposal for moving, and would like to move forward with scheduling a move date with Assured Logistics Group.


We are NOT equipped to move items in excess of 500 pounds.



1. The customer or his/her representative must be present during the move and final ‘walk-through’. Our time runs until the last article is placed at the final destination.  

2. We require payment at the time of delivery (prior to unloading) for any balance due on local and long-distance moves.

3. Any damage claims must be submitted in writing to our claims department within 2 days (48 hours) of your move. Unless payment is made in full as is due, we are not required to answer or process a claim. Do not assume you may deduct the money from the final bill to compensate yourself in the event of damage. In the event a damage claim is requested, reviewed and deemed warranted by Assured Logistics Group (ALG), ALG will choose one of the following options:

- Repair: with this option the item will be repaired so it is restored to the same or similar condition as it was before being damaged, with he repair not to exceed the item's Fair Market Value (FMV)

- Replacement: with this option, the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the damaged item is provided and can be put towards a replacement.

- Reimbursement: with this option, reimbursement will be provided at .60 cents per pound of the damaged item (Released Value Protection)

Fair Market Value will be determined using original receipt (if available) or industry standard valuations found at:

4. We only move empty freezers / refrigerators. We only move empty aquariums (this means empty of water, gravel, and creatures such as lizards, turtles, snakes, etc.).

5. If you have a waterbed, we will be glad to move it. However, we are not waterbed technicians. It must be completely empty prior to our arrival. If you prefer to have a waterbed company move your bed, please do.

6. We cannot be responsible for any furniture that we did not disassemble, although we are more than happy to provide reassembly support.

7. If the move requires work above and beyond the original order for services, Assured Logistics Group reserves the right to fulfill other obligations before completing additional work.

8. Assured Logistics Group reserves the right to reschedule the move at an agreed upon time, without liability if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to rain, snow, ice, etc.

9. We reserve the right to send extra men to complete a job in a timely manner, at the customers’ expense if the workload is more then what was initially agreed upon.

10. We reserve the right to limit our workday to 12 hours. 

11. Our personnel will move your pianos, appliances, and items over 300 pounds if indeed the work can be done safely. Unfortunately, damage may result to floor surfaces. If you wish to take this risk, Assured Logistics Group will not be responsible. (SEE BELOW, LIMITS OF LIABILITY #17)

12. We can move pianos to the second or third floor if the foremen deem it a safe and reasonable undertaking. If the foremen feel extra men are needed, the customer will be charged accordingly. Pianos with an extra soundboard will not be moved up/downstairs if the weight of the piano makes this an unsafe undertaking. If the piano has light weight legs (usually the front), we will not be responsible if they don’t go back on if we take them off (sometimes the nut is loose inside the piano and will turn when you try to replace the leg). If the customer elects to leave the legs on, we will not be responsible if damage occurs to them.

13. Assured Logistics Group, will not take a truck off pavement or on steep grades. Assured Logistics Group will not take a truck off pavement or on steep grades. Assured Logistics Group will not drive a truck over freshly graveled driveways or grass. Any time spent positioning the truck(s) or time lost due to truck(s) getting stuck will be at customer’s expense.

14. We try to be as flexible as we can with scheduling. We ask that you give us notice of at least 5 days to reschedule or cancel your move. Common reasons for moving delays are: house closing, carpets, painting, floor refinishing, driveway not ready for trucks, etc. If we send a crew to your location and you are not able to move, your deposit will not be refunded.

15. Assured Logistics Group, will not do anything that we feel is unsafe.

16. Assured Logistics Group, cannot work in attics, any items in attics need to be brought down by the customer. Ceiling damage and personal injury may result. Assured Logistics Group, assumes no responsibility for ceilings.

17. You may pack and/or move your own glass, porcelain, ceramics, etc., yourself. If you wish, we will move them carefully, but will not be responsible for breakage and/or resulting damage to unpacked fragile items or items packed by owner (PBO). If you wish to have fragile items packed in order that they will be covered by basic insurance, you will be charged for packing and materials. If you decline additional materials, we will move the items but cannot be held responsible for damage that may result. 

18. For safety reasons, small children and pets must be out of work areas.

19. When providing packing services only (no delivery), we will NOT be held responsible for items damaged during transit.

20. We are often asked to perform tasks that border on the impossible. Assured Logistics Group, will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not limited to, standing pieces on end, sharp turns, overcrowded work areas, difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes and damage caused as a result.


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